Evaluation of self care remedies used in management of dental emergencies by patients with low socio-economic status in india - a cross sectional study

Manoj M. Ramugade, Rasika A. Naik, Sapna P. Sonkurla and Kishor Sapkale

Dental emergencies like pain and swelling are annoying situations and often demand urgent attention by dental professional. Poor financial condition, time constraint and non-availability of dentist tempted the sufferer to take the help of some easily available and convenient self care remedies for temporary relief of pain. These remedies will either mask the present illness or flare up the present condition leading to unfavourable treatment outcome. This study encompasses to identify various agents used by patients as self care remedies for management of dental emergencies in low socio-economic group in, Mumbai, India.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/23956429.ijcmpr20170040