Evaluation of efficacy of moolakadya taila januvasti in sandhigatavata (gonoarthrosis

Ashwini V. M., Prasad K S R and Punam Sawarkar

Sandhigatavata is a clinical entity which is described by almost all the Acharyas. They have mentioned clinical features like Sandhishotha, Sandhshoola, Sandhiatopa etc. which are resemblance to the Osteoarthritis of Knee joint (Gonoarthrosis). The current medications generally used in contemporary science which have analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. Most of them are hepato and nephron-toxic. On the other hand the Ayurveda has described the very wide role of Snehana and Swedana in the management of Vatavyadhi. Januvasti is retention of oil. Moolakadya taila which is used for the Januvasti is having Shothahara and Vedanahara property which will counteract the disease. The present study 30 patient were selected randomly they have subjected for the treatment Januvasti with Moolakadya taila for 7 days. The subjects were assessed before treatment, after treatment and follow up after 7 day. Total duration of treatment was 28 days. So it is an attempt to know the action of Januvasti with Moolakadya taila in the management of Sandhiagatavata.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/23956429.ijcmpr20170309
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