Evaluation of cytokine interlukin 1β (il-1β) in serum in chronic periodontitis as compared to periodontal health

Priyanka Agrawal., Darshana Dalaya., Tejaswini Patil., Amit Thareja., Ankita Goyal and Kashish Singh

Aim: The aim of our study was to estimate and compare the serum levels of IL-1β in subjects with healthy periodontium with that of chronic periodontitis.
Materials and Methods: 30 subjects diagnosed with healthy periodontium and 30 subjects with chronic periodontitis of age ranging from 20-50 yrs who were systemically healthy were included in the study. All subjects i.e with Healthy periodontium (Control group) and with Chronic periodontitis (Test group) were subjected to laboratory investigations for estimation of IL-1β and comparison of individual levels was done between control and test group by ‘Z’ test.
Results: Statistically highly significant levels of serum IL-1β were observed in chronic periodontitis as compared to healthy subjects.Statistically highly significant positive correlation was found between IL-1β in chronic generalized severe periodontitis and also in subjects with healthy periodontium.
Conclusion: This study help us to better understand the hypothesis linking periodontitis & cardiovascular disease through increase in levels of IL-1β and therefore increase in serum lipids. It can further help us in increasing awareness amongst the medical faculty about the role of periodontitis as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.


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