Estimation of age using length and area of dentinal translucency in north west indian population: a comapritive study

Navneet Kaur., Amrit Singh Ahluwalia., Priya Sahni and Abhishek Singhvi

Estimation of age is an important part of forensic science. Teeth usually survive destruction and are considered to be better suited for estimating age in badly destructed or unidentifiable corpses. Gustafson’s method employs a morpho-histologic approach in estimating age using teeth, Studies on variables suggested by him showed that dentin translucency was best suited for age estimation, asthis method is best suited not only in terms of accuracy but also in terms of simplicity. This study evaluates, whether there is significant correlation between dentin translucency and age. It also assesses the efficacy of two methods in which area (Stereomicroscopic) and length (Digital) of translucent dentine are considered as parameters. Our result show the area wise method to be superior over the length wise method.

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