Esthetic correction of melanin pigmentation of gingiva: a case report

Rutuja Prakash Kale., N. Lisa Chacko ., P.S. Rakhewar and Tejas M. Mahajan

Gingiva is the most frequently pigmented oral tissue. The degree of pigmentation varies among race
as well as among different individuals. It occurs as a diffuse, deep purplish discolouration or as
irregular brown and light-brown patches. Gingival pigmentation may occur due to local, systemic,
genetic or environmental factors. Although clinically melanin pigmentation of gingiva is not a disease
entity, it can pose an aesthetic concern for some patients, particularly those with a high smile line.
Gingival depigmentation happens to be the choice of procedure for individuals who demand
improved aesthetics. The unsightly hyper pigmented gingiva can be removed or reduced by gingival
depigmentation procedure utilizing a variety of treatment modalities. Prior to selection of any surgical
technique, the potential causative agent of the pigmentation should be identified and the treatment
outcomes and recurrence of the pigmentation which invariably occurs over a variable period of time
should be explained to the patient. The selection of any technique depends on individual preference
and clinical expertise. This case report delineates two of the commonly employed treatment
modalities i.e. the scalpel technique and surgical bur abrasion technique for Gingival depigmentation.

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