Emergency management of accute eye pain: case report

Pundareekaksha Rao. P

Bell's palsy is defined as the facial paralysis of acute onset developed due to inflammation of the
facial nerve. The clinical features include face becomes asymmetric, inability to close one eye,
flattening of the nasolabial fold, drooping of the mouth, dribbling of saliva, hyperacusis, pain and
numbness on the affected side of the face etc. Facial paralysis can be correlated with an ayurvedic
disease Ardhita vata. A 72 year old male patient has arrived with complaint of severe pain in his right
eye and slight pain present in right ear, teeth, right side of forehead and neck. Past history reveals that
1 week history of Bell’s palsy. We started local abyanga and netra kili. Shiroabyanga done with
lukewarm bala taila. Netra kili did with Apamarga, Guduchi, Bunimbha. He felt better relief from the
pain with in 5 min of procedure and advised oral medication for stop further progression of disease.

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