Electro-photonic imaging based study of agnistoma somayaga

Divya B.R ., Sushrutha S., Shiva Kumar Kotikalapudi and Nagendra H.R

Background: The Electro Photonic Imaging (EPI) device has the capability to capture the energy changes in the individuals involved in the performance of the Agnistoma Somayaga. It is said that this yaga enables the mind of the participants to be one pointed with high energy reserves to perform any tasks.
Aim: This study aims at measuring changes in the Electro-photonic imaging (EPI) parameters in Agnistoma Somayaga performers specifically, the chakra energy.
Materials and Methods: To carry out this study, 18 subjects comprising 17 males and 1 females of age 18 years and above (mean age 31.65 ± 13.18) were recruited voluntarily with informed consent Performing Agnistoma Somayaga at Bhaktpur, Nepal. The design was a single group pre-post. The data was captured using an EPI device for 6 days before, during and after the practice of the Yaga Performance.
Results: Results indicated a significant time effect on EPI parameters measured before, during and after the performance of somayaga on the priests performing the yaga. Wilk’s Lambda =0.356, F (14,58) =2.705 p=.004. Paired sampled t test showed a significant changed in mean values of energy in all the chakras as an example Muladhara(p=.028) and Sahasrara (p=0.004). The results of comparison of chakra energies in all chakras is given in the results section.
Conclusion: The study suggests that the Somayaga has a profound effect on the health of the individual performing the yaga, it alters psychophysiological status of performers of the spiritual practices.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/23956429.ijcmpr20170248
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