Coronary endarterectomy following failed ptca in right coronary artery: a case report

Redoy Ranjan., Dipannita Adhikary., Sabita Mandal and Asit Baran Adhikary

A 56-year old male’s presented with occlusion in distal part of right coronary artery which was initially treated with balloon angioplasty at 6 months back. Restenosis of stent in right coronary artery was evaluated with coronary angiogram and surgical revascularization was done by Coronary endarterectomy with Coronary artery bypass graft surgery. A closed technique coronary endarterectomy performed to remove the stents, and atheromatous plaque. We reviewed the technical achievability of the surgical removal of occluded coronary stents by Coronary endarterectomy and postoperative outcome following failed PTCA in this study.

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