Concept of guggulu (commiphora mukul linn.) - a review

Bandeppa Sangolgi., Ganapathi Rao and Praveen Simpi

Guggulu is the oleoresin of Commiphora Mukul Linn., a plant that is native to India. Its extracts include compounds known for their hypolipidemic properties-the Z- and E- isomers of guggulsterone and its related guggulsterols. Drugs have a variety of uses including culinary, medicinal or in some cases even spiritual usage. The green, leafy part of the plant is often used but herbal medicines make use of the roots, flowers, seeds, root bark, inner bark (cambium), berries, pericarp, gums, resins, exudates or other portions. General usage differs between culinary herbs and medicinal herbs. In ancient times, when Vaidyas prepared medicines, they were very conscious about the qualities of the drugs. Quality in the use of crude drugs or plant medicines depends upon a variety of factors, genetically strong seed, correct species, maturity of the plant at harvest, good soils, air quality, climate, organoleptic factors such as intensity of colour, flavour and odour, processing after harvest and a variety of other factors. Guggulu which is an exudate is the main raw drug. The other drugs which are used for Shodhana of Guggulu are Guduchi Kwatha, Triphala Kwatha and Godugdha.

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