Comparison of i-gel and lma-proseal in adult patients undergoing day care procedures

Senthil Kumar V S and Niranjan Kumar M V

Background and objective: Supraglottic device holds the most important part of an anaesthetic gadget. Supraglottic airway device is a life saver for both the patient and the anaesthesiologists alike when there a failed intubation such as a CVCI situation. LMA Proseal and I-Gel are popular among the many supraglottic devices that are available now as it has a gastric drainage port. This study was to compare the efficacy of both the devices.
Observation and results: After ethical committee clearance and approval, 60 adults of both sexes under ASA I and II category to undergo general anesthesia for day care surgery were randomly allotted into two groups I & L, I being I-Gel and L being Proseal LMA. Demographic variables in both the groups showed no significant differences. I-Gel had a higher mean insertion time than that of Proseal LMA with a P value of ˂0.05 and also the ease and success of insertion in the first attempt was greater in Proseal LMA than in I-Gel with the P value of ˂0.05. The airway leak pressure was similar without any statistical difference. The hemodynamic changes were similar in both the groups without any statistical variations. Adverse events were noted such as blood stain on the device with I-Gel and sore throat in both with a slight increase in pLMA.
Conclusion: Proseal LMA has a better profile in terms of its lower insertion time and also has a higher first attempt success when compared to I-Gel.


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