Comparative study of placental volume in iugr complicating and normal pregnancy and its correlation with fetal outcome

Anandavalli. B,. Lavanya Kumari. K and Mirunalini

Background: IUGR is a condition where the foetus fails to achieve its genetic growth potential. In our study we aim to compare placental volume in IUGR and normal pregnancy and its correlation with fetal outcome.

Methods: A group of 50 women with IUGR complicating pregnancy and 50 women with normal pregnancy were selected and the placental volumes measured before and after delivery and the results were correlated with perinatal outcome

Results: When comparing the average placental volume of all gestational age groups in IUGR group(332cm3) with that of normal group(603cm3), it was observed that the volume was significantly less with a P value of <0.001. Adverse outcomes were seen in 80% of babies in IUGR group (MSAF, IUD and low APGAR scores).

Conclusion: This study showed positive correlation between the placental volume and severity of IUGR. Hence, antenatal measurement of placental volume can be taken as one of the methods of predicting adverse neonatal outcome in women with IUGR complicating pregnancy.

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