A comparative study of bipolar electrocautery tonsillectomy versus dissection snare and ligation tonsillectomy in the pediatric population

Balaji Swaminathan., Prem Nivas R., Ruta Shanmugam., Swathi A., Prasannakumar T and Rajesh Kumar M

Tonsillectomy is the most common surgical procedure done in the paediatric population. Over the years many proven methods for tonsillectomy such as guillotine, snare, bipolar electrocautery, unipolar electrocautery, laser, coblation and microdissection were devised. None of the methods however have been able to provide the patient with all aspects of the ideal tonsillectomy. In the present study we compared bipolar electrocautery tonsillectomy with dissection and snare tonsillectomy in children below the age of 16 years over the period of one year. Our study shows that dissection and snare is the gold standard method with less post operative pain and complications, where as bipolar electrocautery tonsillectomy is easy to perform, less blood loss but with more post operative pain and complications

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/23956429.ijcmpr20170138