Comparative study between ormeloxifene and norethisterone in the improvement of menstrual blood loss (mbl) in abnormal uterine bleeding

Deepika Dhananjayan and Mirunalini

Background: Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB) is the most common cause of abnormal uterine bleeding and is a major indication for referral to gynecological clinics. There are many studies comparing the effect of ormeloxifene and progesterone in DUB. The objective of the study was to assess the efficacy in terms of reduction in menstrual bleeding with Ormeloxifene in DUB and compare it with Norethisterone. Subjective improvement was also compared.
Methods: 40 women presenting with DUB were randomly allocated to 2 equal groups, Group-A, which received 60mg ormeloxifene twice a week for 12 weeks followed by 60mg once a week for next 4 weeks and Group-B, which received 5mg norethisterone thrice daily for 21 days for 4 consecutive cycles. The primary outcomes noted were reduction in menstrual blood loss (measured by number of days of bleeding and pads soaked), rise in hemoglobin level and subjective improvement.
Results: The mean days of bleeding during each cycle in cases on ormeloxifene improved by 41.89% in Group A as compared to 28.7% in Group B. The rise in hemoglobin concentration was significantly more with ormeloxifene than norethisterone (5.833g/dl to 6.312g/dl vs 4.500g/dl to 3.388g/dl, p<0.001, respectively).
Conclusions: Both Ormeloxifene & Norethisterone are effective in reducing MBL (menstrual blood loss) and hence raising the Hb concentration. Ormeloxifene is more suitable in all age groups with effective therapeutic efficacy and with good compliance of the patient.


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