Comparative Analysis Of Functional Outcomes Of Canalplasty In Ear Surgeries

Verma R, Singh HP, Kumar S, Verma V and Agarwal SP

Canalplasty is a procedure used to repair defects of the external auditory canal or intractably infected
muco-cutaneous tissue in the canal and enlargement or straightening of a stenotic or tortuous external
auditory canal. This study aimed to assess the role of canalplasty in ear surgeries like tympanoplasty,
stapedotomy and exploratory tympanotomy in terms of intra operative ease, complete visualization of
TM, graft take up rates, hearing improvement and complications. The comparative study was
completed both through pro-active treatment/observation of patients admitted to the department.
Various tools used in our study for measurements of outcomes (before and after surgery). In our study
comparative analysis of functional outcomes of canalplasty in ear surgeries were done. In all a total of
100 cases were taken up for study but results are based upon outcomes of 80 patients only as 20 cases
did not turn up for follow up. Final outcome of our study is that the hearing improvement and take up
rate of graft in the cases of canalplasty is found to be significantly and statistically better than the
cases done without canalplasty. This can be attributed to better visualization in placing the graft,
preventing lateralization of the graft. It promote hearing improvement and healing.

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