A clinicopathological study of ovarian tumours

Gurdip Kaur., Parneet Kaur., Ramesh Kumar Kundal and Jasmine Kaur

Introduction: Ovarian Tumour is a complex wide spectrum of neoplasms involving a variety of histological tissues ranging from epithelial tissue, connective tissue, and specialised hormones secretion to germinal and embryonal cells. Almost 80% of ovarian tumours are benign and occur in the age group of 20-45 years.
Objective: To study the histopathology of Ovarian neoplasms with reference to WHO classification.
Material and Methods: This clinicopathological study was conducted in 60 women diagnosed with ovarian tumours from January 2015 to June 2016 in the department of Gynaecology and Pathology in Govt. Medical College and Rajindra Hospital Patiala. Ovarian tumours were categorised according to WHO Histopathological classification.
Results: In our study 41(68.33%) tumours were benign, 16(26.67%) malignant and 3(5%) were border line. Most common tumours were surface epithelial tumours 46(76.66%), followed by 9(13.33%)germ cell tumours, 4 (6.67%) sex cord stromal and 1(1.66%) metastatic tumours. Most common malignant tumours were serous carcinoma (13.33%).

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/23956429.ijcmpr20170225
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