Clinical profile of stridor in pediatric age group 0-12 years in tertiary care hospital

Suganya, C*., Ramesh, S and Nathiya,S

Introduction: Stridor is an abnormal, harsh, high pitched inspiratory sound produced by turbulent airflow through partially obstructed airway of the laryngeal area or the extrathoracic trachea. Croup & Laryngomalacia are the most common infectious & congenital etiology of stridor respectively.
Aim: To analyze etiology, pathogenesis, treatment and outcome of stridor in pediatric age group (0 – 12 years) in our institute
Materials and Methods: This is an observational study of 50 cases of stridor in infants and children below 12 years presented at The Department of Pediatrics, Rajah Muthiah Medical College and Hospital, Chidambaram over two years (2014/16)
Results: Majority of stridor cases are in the age group of less than 1 year, common etiologies are Croup (56%) and Laryngomalacia (26%). Males are more commonly affected
Conclusion: Majority of pediatric cases presenting with airway problems necessitates the immediate evaluation and management and delay in diagnosis leads to morbid outcome


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