Characterization and soluble properties of nanomedicine synthesized from padina gymnosphora

Thamizharasan S

Objective: To evaluate the solubility enhancement of plant derived drugs in the form of nonosized biomaterials.
Methods: Nanosization obtained from biomaterial sample of marine macro alga Padina gymosphora, using high energy ball milling technique and structural characteristic studies of biomaterials were evaluated using FE-SEM microscope. Solubility enhancement study on both biomaterials were tested using deionized double distilled water.
Results: FE-SEM microscopic study showed the particle size differentiation in the ordinary crude biomaterial and nanosized biomaterial.Water solubility studies proved the quick soluble and polydispersibility behaviour of nanosized biomaterial.
Conclusion: The solubility enhancement properties of nanosized biomaterials indicated, that when grain or particle size is reduced the solubility is enhanced.

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