Cbct: a solution to endodontic enigma caused by impacted incompletely formed supernumerary tooth

Sonali Kapoor., Parul Bansal., Moksha Khajuria and Khushboo Patel

Accurate diagnosis can minimize the potential complications caused by un-erupted supernumerary teeth. Cone beam computed tomography has recently been used to evaluate un-erupted supernumerary teeth. This technique yields detailed 3D images of local structures and may prove useful in pre-treatment evaluation of supernumerary teeth and its association with adjacent structures to avoid iatrogenic damage to adjacent structures due to misdiagnosis. This paper present a case of un-erupted incompletely formed supernumerary tooth present between second premolar and palatal root of maxillary first molar which was diagnosed precisely by using CBCT to avoid iatrogenic complications.

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