Calcifying odontogenic cyst of ghost cell variety- a case report

Dilip Magdum., Appasab Sandi., Pooja Pharne and Santosh Jadhav

Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst (COC) represents 2% of all odontogenic lesions. The World Health
Organization histological classification of the COC includes presence of materials like masses of
ghost epithelial cells, dysplastic dentine and the association of the cyst with an area of more extensive
dental hard tissue formation. Calcifying odontogenic cyst is a rare lesion of the jaws. Gorlin et al. first
described the condition. Gold recommends more descriptive term of calcifying and keratinizing
odontogenic cyst. The condition has been referred to as keratinizing ameloblastoma or
melanoticameloblastic odontoma. One of the histological features of the condition is the presence of
ghost cells. Fejerskov and Krogh5 are of the opinion that the lesion initially presents as a solid tumor
consisting mainly of ghost cells, and that the cyst development is apparently seen.

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