Biohormonal therapyin early management of premature menopause And andropause

Mike K.S. Chan, Michelle B.F. Wong, Dmitry Klokol*, Henry Pong and Wolodymyr Chernykh

One of the most important chapters of anti-aging and preventive medicine is early recognition and
management of premature menopause and andropause. Conventionally these conditions are treated
with HRT – hormone replacement therapy. It is proven that HRT carries various risks, such as breast
cancer, cardiac hypertrophy, etc. The current article proposes reversal of the hormonal changes
occurring in premature menopause and andropause by direct stimulation of the entire chain of
endocrine organs’ activity with organ specific peptide therapy.
Endocrine stimulation was done via administration of combination of organo-peptides specific to
hypothalamus, pituitary gland, adrenals, ovaries or testicles and liver. After 4 months of peptide
therapy the promising results were achieved. Biomolecular therapy demonstrated high efficacy and
safety, as no side effects or adverse reactions were observed.

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