Awareness of skin diseases among family medicine residents in makkah, saudi arabia

Emad Mohammad Salawati and Ahmad Abdullah AlKatheri

Skin diseasesare rarely life-threatening, but the high prevalence rate places it among the top four chronic disease groups when entire communities are considered. A cross-sectional study was conducted at the joint program of family medicine in Makkah city to assess the awareness of skin diseases. The study included 58 out of 70 invited to participate, giving a response rate of (82.8 %). (93.1 %) Of them were between 21 to 30 years of age. All were Saudi nationals; majorities were females (62.1%). (27.6 %) Third level residents, and (25.9 %) fourth level. More than two-thirds of the residents were aware about skin diseases. The study shows statistical significance difference among the residents in respect to their gender and level of residency. There was no statistically significant difference between age groups, attendance of educational activities, how do residents think about the role of primary physician can play in management of skin diseases, what is the most defect If any is incompetent to manage skin disorder, or to which degree they feel competent to manage patient with skin disease and awareness score. Overall, there is a good level of awareness about skin diseases among senior residents and low level of awareness among junior residents.

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