An avulsed tooth

Anupam S Sharma., Hema Yadav and Jyoti Mandlik

Trauma to anterior dentition has shown a steady global increase in prevalence and morbidity, being attributed to rise in societal violence as well as in the popularity of contact sports. Tooth avulsion is an extreme variant of dental injury in which there is complete ejection of tooth from its bony socket. Avulsions are the most common type of dental injury recorded for children under 15 years of age seeking treatment in hospital emergency rooms. This injury causes pain, negative aesthetics and has emotional and functional impact on children.
Avulsed tooth can be replanted in its socket following trauma, and given right conditions and clinical management; may be expected to function normally for several years thereafter. A number of longitudinal studies have validated the rationale for avulsed tooth replantation, and clinical protocols for management have a degree of consensus.
This article reviews present-day understanding of clinico-pathophysiology and management of traumatic tooth avulsion.

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