Asymptomatic cutaneous pilar leiomyoma: a rare and distinct entity”

Priyanka Anand, Namrata Sarin and V.K Khurana

Leiomyoma is a rare benign tumor that occurs in solitary or multifocal forms. Most common location is uterus. Skin is the second commonest site comprising of about 3-5% of all leiomyomas. Cutaneous leiomyomas arise from smooth muscles in the skin; from arrector pilar muscles associated with the hair follicles (pilar leiomyoma), media in the blood vessel (angioleiomyoma) and smooth muscle in the scrotum or labia (genital leiomyoma). Piloleiomyoma is the most common type of cutaneous leiomyoma Clinically they mimic other cutaneous lesions and pose a diagnostic challenge. Therefore, histopathological examination is mandatory to differentiate them from spindle cell lesions and is the gold standard for an accurate diagnosis. Herein, we report a case of cutaneous pilar leiomyoma in a 50 year old female who presented with multiple papules over shoulder and back.

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