Assessment of sausages residual nitrite in kermanshah province

Samaneh Gorani, Zahra Mousavi, Khudabaksh Rashidi, Mohammad Mahdi Zangeneh

Meat and its products are considered as valuable source of protein in human nutrition. Nitrite compounds commonly used in meat products in order to create the desired color, flavor and good taste, preventing spore growth of Clostridium botulinum and increasing storage time, but the complications resulting from their applications shall be followed standard rules. The aim of the new study was determine the amount of residual nitrite in3 strong consumer brands of sausage (Hot Dog, German and Cocktail Wieners) in Kermanshah province and compliance with the standards for permissible levels have been performed. A total of 81 samples of sausages collected and evaluated amount of residual nitrite with spectrophotometry method. Results demonstrated that the amount of residual nitrite in 7/41 percent of the products were more than standard concentration, but most of their products than allowed lower. The amount of nitrite in 4 day and in November was most. Also, this study showed that the remaining nitrite in all meat products that stored at 4°C is reduced in 10 and 20 days, so reduced quality of sausage over time after production.

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