Assessment on complication of diabetes mellitus and its management strategy in a multispeciality hospital

Anandkumar S., Tamilselvan T., Surya R., Suvavarthana N., Kalpana P and Mythili S

Objective: Study was designed to assess complication of diabetes mellitus and its management strategy in General Medicine department of private hospital.

Method: The study type was Randomized Retrospective study. It was carried out in 250 bedded multispecialty hospital for the period of six months. Diabetes mellitus patient with more than 3 years of duration were included in the study. Totally 116 patients were included as per inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Results: The average age of overall study population was found to be 50-60 years (32.75%). Out of 116 diabetes mellitus patients, 71 (61%) were male and 45 (39%) were female patients. Diabetic mellitus patients with different complication like micro and macro vascular complication were assessed in that nephropathy was found more 36 (31.03%) when compared with other complication like cardiac, retinopathy, foot ulcer in micro vascular area. In macro vascular area peripheral vascular disease was found more 46 (39.65%) when compared to other complication like hypertension, atherosclerosis, and diabetic ketoacidosis. Among all the oral hypoglycemic agent glimepride was prescribed more 38 (32.75%) when compared to other drugs like voglibose, metformin, and acarbose.

Conclusion: This study concluded that diabetic nephropathy was the major complication of diabetic patients. From that male patients were having more complication compare with female patients. Glimepride was the frequently prescribed single therapy in diabetic patients.

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