Area under curve uv spectrophotometric method for the determination of pioglitazone in tablet formulations

Santosh Karajgi., Sunayana Mali., Mali Madagonda., Suresh Gunaki., Sanjana Gaikwad., Sayyad Samiulla Hundekar and Abdul Raheman Jamadar

A simple, precise and economical procedure has been developed for the estimation of Pioglitazone in bulk drug and pharmaceutical dosage form using UV- spectrophotometer Shimadzu model UV 1800. Area under curve method was employed for estimation of Pioglitazone using analytical grade Methanol as solvent. Pioglitazone obeys Beer’s law in concentration range 60-90µg/ml for the area between 249nm to 300nm.The recovery studies ascertained accuracy of purposed method and result validated according to ICH guideline. The result of analysis has been validated statistically by recovery studies. This method was successfully carried out for the estimation of Pioglitazone in tablet dosage form without the interference of common excipients.

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