Adrenal Ganglioneuroma: Rare Cause Of Gross Hematuria

Santosh .G. Rathod., Ashwini.R.Tangde., Sonwane B.R and Bindu.R.S

A Ganglioneuroma is the rarest and benign tumor of neural crest origin. It originates from the neural
crest cells wherever sympathetic nervous tissue present, like in the retroperitonium, mediastinum, and
adrenal medulla. They are common in children and young before the age of 20. Ganglioneuroma of
adrenal gland is very rare. We are presenting rare case adrenal Ganglioneuroma in a five-year-old
female child presented with large palpable left lion mass and intermittent hematuria. CT abdomen
revealed, a 15x8cm-cm non-homogenous mass in the left adrenal gland compressing left kidney.
Considering the size of tumor differential diagnosis of Neuroblastoma and other malignant adrenal
tumor made. Patient underwent open lapromatomy for tumor removal. Histopathology examination
revealed a well – encapsulated benign tumor of mature ganglion cells and Schwann- like cells
arranged in fascicles.

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