Acute delirium following ciprofloxacin administration in an elderly patient with chronic kidney disease

Kadakketh Geevarghese Alexander., Robin George Manappallil and Jishnu Jayaraj

Second generation fluoroquinolones like Ciprofloxacin are used in the treatment of gram negative and
a few gram positive bacterial infections. There have been a few reports of neuropsychiatric events
with Ciprofloxacin use. Mental disturbances like delirium may occur in elderly hospitalized patients,
probably due to change of environment and infections. This is a case of an elderly lady who presented
with fever and burning micturition and was diagnosed to have urinary tract infection with acute on
chronic renal failure. She became delirious after administration of Ciprofloxacin, and had complete
resolution of symptoms after withdrawal of the drug. This case, therefore, highlights the consideration
of antibiotics as a cause of acute delirium, especially in elderly patients with chronic kidney disease.

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