5 years review of parathyroidectomy cases outcomes in king abdulaziz university hospital in between 2010-2015

Ghader Jamjoum., Bhaa Maher Simbawa., Ahmed A. Aljefri., Mashael M. Al Dairi., Hassan adnanAljifiri ., Yara MazenSimbawa., Mohammed A. Alkatheri., Saad Mohammed Al muhayawi and Ahmed H.Abuzinadah

Parathyroid glands are tiny glands of the endocrine part which located in the neck.
Hyperparathyroidism is a condition when the production of the hormone exceeds the normal upper
limit moreover. Parathyroidectomy which is the excision of one or more parathyroid glands, thus the
type of surgery depends on the location of the diseased gland. As in any surgery there is some
possible complications even it is a straightforward procedure it can be done by different specialized
surgeons lastly complications are divided to procedure related complications such as wound
infections, hematoma or the nearby structure injuries as nerve injury. A retrospective study for 34
patients, male and female. Files were reviewed between 2010-2015. At king Abdulaziz university
hospital, Jeddah, to identify the postoperative outcomes for the parathyroidectomy procedure. We had
total of 34 patients Female 23 (67.6%) male 11 (32.3%), age ranging from 12 to 81 years. Types of
surgery was 47.05% received sub-total parathyroidectomy, 41.1 had total thyroidectomy, and 11.7%
had thyroidectomy with sub-total parathyroidectomy.Of all the patients 58.9% admitted for 1-3 days
post-operative, while 20.5% admitted 4-7 days. And 20.5% stayed more than one week. Moreover
88.23% did not need ICU admission, while 11.7% needed ICU for post-operative care.
Parathyroidectomy is frequent operation done by the ENT and general surgeon which needs good preoperative
plaining using labs ultrasound and nuclear scan. Thus the complication rate is minimal in
such operation, still we need experienced surgeon and excellent post-operative care.

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